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Makin' Memories


Caribbean Sailing Yacht Charter


Experience the Caribbean

Imagine sailing the Caribbean on a spacious and luxurious lagoon catamaran. With plenty of space to relax and unwind, Makin' Memories is the perfect way to explore the beautiful islands of the Caribbean. Whether you're looking to relax on the beach, go snorkeling or diving, or explore the local nightlife, we have an itinerary that's perfect for you. Our experienced crew will take care of everything, from sailing the boat to cooking your meals. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the sail. Book your Caribbean catamaran charter today and experience the ultimate in relaxation and adventure.

Meet Jim & Courtney

We met in our early 20’s and became roommates and best friends, bartending together at a local bar in Santa Cruz, CA. Our friendship was instant as we were both very young and a long way from home, but excited for the year-round warmth and endless opportunities to play outside, especially boating, sailing or surfing on the water. We loved working together bartending and providing exceptional service and memorable nights for our customers and friends at the bar. However, as with all things, life moved on and we lost touch over the years. It was over 20 years later when we finally reconnected. Once again, the connection was instant, and we were married 8 months later! Our shared love for food, warmth, sunshine, boats, entertaining and any and all things water-related was an easy and natural pathway to a shared dream, which is now our reality, buying the boat of our dreams and living full-time in the gorgeous Caribbean waters, hosting memorable vacations and sharing all of our favorite passions in life with others! We are excited to share this dream with you and your guests, to spoil your taste buds with our years of culinary experience, and to create memorable adventures sailing, swimming, snorkeling . . . and just allowing you to become fully immersed in the natural beauty and island-style pace of life! We look forward to meeting and serving you….and Makin’ Memories that will last a lifetime!

Jim and Courtney on a yacht

We cherish your vacation as a sacred time to create lasting memories with loved ones. We consider it an honor and a privilege to be given the opportunity to host this special time with you and your guests, and are grateful to be a part of your journey.

Jim & Courtney


December - January 2023-2024


How can we ever thank you for the best trip ever! Personally, I have never felt this relaxed and cared for on any vacation! Courtney, the delicious meals you prepare were above our expectations and made us all feel so healthy and satisfied. I’m leaving with some of your recipes for sure. I doubt they will be as good as yours, but I will try. Jim, you were the captain of fun! We had a ball on the boat toys and off-island adventures. You both thought of every detail before we could have imagined. I cannot say enough about your beautiful boat either. No question it was the prettiest out there. Thank you both SO SO much for the vacation of my dreams. I truly appreciate everything you did for my family on this trip, and I am happy to have made two new friends! You two are the best!!!

April 2024

Thank you so much for helping us create the most amazing memories on the most amazing trip! I cannot think of a single time our family got along so well, and you are both to thank for that. The meals, the sites, and the laughs were all dream worthy. I am so grateful to you both for taking such good care of us, and for your unfailing kindness and generosity. I’m looking forward to more memories soon!

November - December 2023


Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality. You have made this vacation so special for me. The beautiful sites were amazing. Courtney, your wonderful meals were absolutely amazing. And Jim, all the work you did getting the toys ready and always being there for us - especially with the hot dog toy!  Everything was six stars!  We made super memories on this trip!

Can't wait to have you onboard.

Sea you soon!

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